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"Do you think that somewhere we are not Nature, that we are different from Nature? No, we are in Nature and we think exactly like Nature.” ~ C.G. Jung 



I offer Ecotherapy as integral to my psychotherapy practice, where the healing benefits of being in nature are part of the process and therapy is conducted outside with the natural world. For those who find expressing things verbally challenging, being outside offers a whole different experience for the therapeutic process and sharing of painful personal experiences in this way can be very powerful and healing.


I also offer Ecotherapy activities as a way to offer therapeutic outdoor experiences as a way of reconnecting and remembering your own relationship with the natural world.


These activities, which can either be one to one or as part of a group process, take place around Ainsa in the area of Sobrarbe, the Spanish Pyrenees in Aragon, Northern Spain. The mountains, rivers and forests are a beautiful and powerful place to engage in this work. 


- What is your connection to nature?

- What happens when you allow yourself to really experience being part    of the natural world?

- How do you feel when you are in the mountains, or forests alone?

- What happens to you psychically and emotionally when you slow down   and connect?

- When you are alone in nature and remember the freedom to choose   what brings meaning to your life, what is your answer?


" To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."William Blake.


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